Can an artist be on maternity leave?

Can a musician still establish herself during the toddler years?

How do we create a new platform for creators/makers who are mothers?

Our vision is to work towards offer practical solutions, such as residences in the hometown of artists,to be part of a context via online meetings that we call 'critique groups' to participate in discussions, to present oneself and get intellectual stimulation and feedback on projects and ideas



As a member of Mothers in Residence you enable a network that supports and promotes artists, creators, musicians and cultural workers who are mothers to activate their artistic practice after and during motherhood.

And you contribute to an equality issue for cultural workers and help us raise issues that no one seems to have asked so far, and at the same time find practical solutions to these.

Thank you for supporting us.

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Our memberships

Anyone can join our association Mothers in Residence.

All memberships are valid January-January.

There are two kinds of memberships

Support membership 250sek/year

The support membership gives you access joining an online crit-group same as the membership.

We are grateful for input on how to expand our activities within the association and what events or discussions that you feel are missing or could be beneficial for others. 

We are grateful for all our association subscribers, support members as much as active members that want the association to develop further.


Residence membership 500sek/year

The residence-membership offers a chance to a local artist in residence in Gothenburg as well as an opportunity to be part of an online crit-group.

These crit-groups can be theme or project based, all decided by our members.

You get access to a shared studio with another resident artist and an introduction to an approved workshop.

You also get access to workshops according to an agreement with KKV with a cost of 200sek / day depending that you are approved according to their criteria.

*Through the residence membership, it is also possible to use KKV Gothenburg's workshops through our organisational membership. Here's the link to the application for access.

Access to the workshops requires that you are approved by those responsible for that workshop, and the knowledge requirements vary between the workshops; If you want to know more, contact the respective workshop manager.

It is important that you apply with proof/images/education certificate of your skill regarding the workshop you have in mind in order to get approval to KKV's requirements for you to gain access: see here 

If you're not located in Sweden or unable to use the bank transfer or Swish

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