Statutes for the association  Mothers in residence (MiR)


§ 1


The name of the association is: "Mothers in Residence". 

The association is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious association. 

An association for professional artists / artisans / word artists / creators / musicians and mothers



The association's domicile is Gothenburg.


§ 3


To: create a new network that safeguards the interests of professional artists / creators, in terms of the opportunity to continue working with the condition as an artist also as a mother. 

To: further develop and support with a positive focus on the duel state as a parent and artist to an equal effect in art. 

To: strive to be available with both information and more artistic activity, to reach out with creative productivity. 

To. have access to an artist in residence in the hometown that includes mentorship via the association MiR's collaborations of other artists' associations / cultural institutions and projects such as' Mothers In Residence 'to actualize portfolio / activities after a maternity leave.

To: operate throughout Sweden / the Nordic region and also internationally.


§ 4


Consists of at least five members.

Members are elected for one and two years.

Signatories are chosen as individuals, preferably the person who is chairman or treasurer.

The board is decisive when the chairman and a majority of members are present. 

If someone wants to leave their post before their time, a new election will take place at the next member meeting.

In the event of an equal number of votes, the chairman's vote is decisive. 

All applications and activities under the association's name must be approved by the board



§ 5


The association's annual meeting is called before the end of August. 

Notice of the agenda for the annual meeting takes place no later than 14 days before the appointed time

  • At annual meetings, decisions are made on elections to the board, possibly. re-election, economy.

  • Discharge of liability for the Board (Auditor's report)

  • Business plan

  • Reporting and approval of last year's annual report.


§ 6


Financial compensation can be paid for work / projects / consulting work performed for the association's structure and development through approval by the board, or by applied for project-based funds for these specific tasks.

  • The annual fee for membership is SEK 250.

  • The application fee is SEK 250.


§  7


  The association's financial year runs from the first of January to the end of December.


§ 6


Membership is valid from January - January. 

Members who join later become members for the rest of the year.

Member SEK 250 / year

As a member, you can join an online crit group.

You will receive our newsletters.

You are welcome to write to us if you want a specific theme

or project-based feedback, we check with our members.

We gratefully accept feedback on the desired activity, event

or discussions that you feel are missing

We are grateful to all members, support members

as well as committed members.

Residence membership a total of NOK 500 / year

Through the residency membership, you can apply to make an artist in residence locally at the time of announcements.  


* Through the membership, there is also the opportunity to use KKV Gothenburg's workshops through an organizational membership. Access to the workshops requires that you be approved by those responsible for that workshop, and the knowledge requirements vary between the workshops; If you want to know more, contact the respective workshop manager.

Here is the link to the access application

It is important that you apply with proof of your knowledge in each workshop with, for example, pictures / training certificates in order for you to be approved according to KKV's criteria.

If you want more information about how organizational membership works, click here 

  • Organizational membership, such as with KKV, each member takes personal responsibility to review their own accident / home / insurance


§ 7


For the safety of the association, it is important that each member takes his personal responsibility regarding the integrity of artistic expression and ideas. 

All work for the association is non-profit, but if any / some members want to develop a part of the association, these funds can be applied for for specific content, with the approval of the board regarding projects in the association's name.

Each individual member is personally responsible for any damage that may occur during the activity of the business.


§ 8


If the association considers that a member has obviously mismanaged and discredited the collective association, exclusion can take place. 

Excluded member has forfeited his fee and the right to enter into / work on projects within the association's name. If someone has mismanaged their residence, they may be liable for a refund for the period's studio rent.


§ 9


The dissolution of the association is decided by at least a 2/3 majority at two consecutive member meetings, of which one is an annual meeting. 

In the event of a dissolution decision, the association shall pay the association's debts, sell equipment and other assets.

After the auditors' approval of the accounts, the assets shall be distributed to organizations or associations with similar objectives.


§ 10


To amend these statutes, a 2/3 majority is required at two consecutive member meetings, of which one is an annual meeting.


§ 11


  • Members who want to can start and be part of their own non-profit temporary groups within the association for artistic development so-called. critique groups.

  • In the case of a crit group, someone from the association must take responsibility for acting as a moderator.

  • In the case of activities carried out for the association by members, no personal compensation can be given from the association, but in that case via funds procured for these specific purposes, for example applied for project money for the specific purpose.


* MiR is an association for artists / craftsmen / creators who have become / are mothers. We want to create a new platform that can seem more equal in art expression. Our goal is to create your own exhibitions, run an artist in residence in your hometown with access to a studio or a residency program to update your portfolio, start a new project, learn new techniques, etc. and make new contacts.  


Everyone is welcome to join the association Mothers in Residence.