The idea for the project was initiated in 2016 by piece maker Anna Maria Hedman (MA, Royal College of Art) in connection with a doctoral application during her maternity leave.

Hedman has since worked to raise the issue.

Her own interest in the issue stems from having moved from London to Gothenburg and started a family. Without an affiliation with local art educations or with a professional network in Sweden, and in combination with a lack of social connections within the city's cultural offer for artists / mothers, maternity leave was spent with research on the brain's impact on pregnancy and with an online artist residence in motherhood by Lenka Clayton. In this artistic isolation, the piece maker's vision was further developed.


In the spring of 2019, interest for the project started to happen with the enabling of Linn Gall at Förvaltningen for Kulturutveckling (The Administration for Cultural Development) and in 2020, the project received support from the Gothenburg cultural administration to start up a residence program which purpose is to actualise and activate mothers that are artists back to work mode, and to furhter develop the project into what has now become Mothers in Residence. 

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