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Artist talk at the City Library in Gothenburg

Updated: Feb 23

A conversations about duality, artist and mother

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Welcome to the artist talk on 11 November 2021 at 12 noon in the Auditorium at the City Library. Five artists in conversation about combining motherhood with being an artist and what can contribute to continued practice.

Mothers in Residence has been active since 2020 and now we gather resident artists for a conversation about the experience of the residence and what it has contributed to. Mothers in Residence's vision is to be able to offer practical solutions, such as residency in the hometown of artists, a network that creates context and hopefully collaborations, get intellectual stimulation and feedback on projects and ideas via critique meetings. Has this purpose been achieved? The conversation is based on Mothers in Residence's summaries of this year's residency: Has this residency given any impact / results to the creative work and its conditions? What do I take with me after this residence? Has the Mothers in Residence network been an advantage? - In what way, then? The moderator is Linn Gall, consultant for contemporary art, architecture, form and design at the Administration for Cultural Development Västra Götaland region. The participants are:

Sofi Svensson -ceramics Work in progress in the residence studio

Pernilla Eskilsson -performance

The potato parade on Kungsgatan, Gibca 2021

Statira Jazayeri -textile/installation

Installation for Culture Night (Kulturnatta) in the residence studio

Lina Gråskär -textile/enamel.

Film: work in progress

Anna Maria Hedman -piece maker / founder of Mothers in Residence.

Female astronaut in18 carat gold with the MiR logo

° MiR is a non-profit newly started association (2020) which, with development support from the City of Gothenburg's cultural administration, created a residence at KKV GBG during the year 2021 for artists / creators who are mothers in their hometown (and surrounding area). We are investigating: Can a local residence facilitate re-establishment during the toddler years or after demanding family relationships? How do we create networks for artists / craftsmen / creators who are mothers? This year has been a building of an association structure and to lay the foundation for a network of contacts by taking the first step and starting up a new platform to start from as a creator with motherhood in mind. Here are the artists of the year who had their residence: The intention is that MiR can become nationwide and create collaborations / residences with more artistic activities, workshops and public cultural environments, but we start locally and regionally. We have started a new platform to start from as a creator with motherhood in mind. Through the pandemic, we have achieved this and met via Zoom in the form of ‘critique’ meetings with relevant themes that we discuss. There is no establishment grant for artists / musicians / cultural workers after a maternity leave and residences are usually far away from home and not suitable for family. The establishment back or the actualization of an artistic CV becomes more difficult to achieve after a pregnancy with maternity leave. At the same time, is this a societal issue / gender equality issue that no one seems to have asked? Perhaps because motherhood is often fraught with obvious expectations. It is still a financial question of how much one can work as an artist when one is a mother. It often depends on whether you have a partner or family that supports. But we treat this as an artistic issue and that its results are best discovered through creative collaboration, and a practical solution. Like starting a local residence, and inviting them to talk. Welcome!

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