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Interview with Fia Kvissberg

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


Fia Kvissberg

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Family ties, print

Describe your art practice and your family dynamics. I'm a full time artist, freelancer. I have 4 grown children who now have their own families and I am a grandmother. Tell us a little more about how you developed your internship / technology. Through own work mostly. I have always worked hard. You are based in: Stockholm Have you lived or studied elsewhere? I have lived in Gothenburg for almost 10 years and also abroad for a few years. Has your place influenced you, your art practice, your perspective and your network? I use my own experiences, environments, colors, moods in my pictures. I think it seems that I have been a lot in South America and India in my paintings! My family is often there and a dog.

What is your story about becoming a mother and has your attitude and methods changed since you became a parent. I longed for children but was not prepared for what would happen! The hormones affected me and I went roller coaster in my emotional life. I used myself and made self-portraits when I really wondered who was in my womb. You make a choice in life when becoming a mother. For me, it meant less time for my art. Partly due to the mother role and partly for the economy. I had to take another job to raise money. It made me have very little time for art for several years and was so frustrated. It was not until 30 years later that I processed what I had experienced when my first child was born, that I have had a postpartum depression. 30 years later I did a large separate exhibition about motherhood in Edsvik art gallery Stockholm. My art revolves around issues like mother, Madonna. About family and relationships. Had I not become a mother, I probably would not have touched on these issues. Do you have a moment in the mother / artist duality that you want to share? Yes my exhibition on motherhood which has been shown 3 times. In connection with the exhibition, I interviewed 20 artists about their first time as mothers. I pulled a quote from each interview, put it in a small frame and next to one of my own pictures. What I had experienced as a mother I was not alone in, as in how much time that my baby took and that I had no time for my own creation. It was hard. Exactly the same feeling I experienced had other mothers had. Only one artist said it was the happiest time of her life.

Blue, oil on canvas

On Woman's lap, oil on canvas

What is your perception of the representation with female artists who combine their motherhood in the art world: I think it is a small representation. What advice would you give to new artists entering a motherhood: To enjoy your child and understand that it takes all the time. To have no expectations of having time for your own artistry. It's coming later. What do you want to bring to the table within your art community / Do you miss any discussions, themes etc: Yes, as a grandparent - where I am now! What happens to my longing for my children and grandchildren? Then I am part of the family and at the same time not. I think this should be highlighted. Can you describe a moment or a work of art that you think was a turning point in your career. When I worked with motherhood before my solo exhibition at Efsviks Konsthall. I think I showed 60 works. Painting, graphics and sculpture in the theme of motherhood.

Black Wet Nurse, oil on canvas

Red Dress, enamel

Sad Mother, oil on canvas

Do you have daily routines or rituals that help / get you into work mode? To go to the studio every day. Where is your studio, do you have a private space to reflect and develop and implement ideas? I have a large studio in the same house I live in. Do you have someone who inspires your art practice or reflects ideas with? Yes, several other artists, but mostly with my cousin who is also an artist. We work a lot together.

Mother, bronze

(How) Has the pandemic changed your artistic practice. Yes, I worked more alone, do not have as many graphics courses at present. Can you see yourself as a mentor to another artist, and what qualities would you offer as a mentor? I could definitely be a good mentor! I can support in motherhood as well as in the art profession. I can give pepper and courage by being a conversation partner. I myself have raised 4 children at the same time as I have been passionate about art.

What makes you most expectant of your future: To continue with my art that gives me so much joy. And also be able to share with others.

Sisterhood, ceramics

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