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Interview with member Amanda Nordqvist


Amanda Nordqvist

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Describe your art practice and your family dynamics: In my artistic work, color and process are constantly in focus, while techniques and methods vary. I work mainly in textiles but have a fairly picturesque entrance to the field. In my recent projects, painting and print encounter knitting and clay. Something that for me feels exciting with the textile is how we can look at a work with our whole body, we know how it feels against our skin. My master's project, Through the Grid, was presented through a series of textile paintings that all relate to issues concerning image construction, frames and variability. I have been on maternity leave since September with my first child, before that I attended the master's program CRAFT! at Konstfack. Now I have a place in a studio that I share with three other textiles.

Through the Grid

Tell us a little more about how you developed your practise?

I very much feel that my practice is still developing and I hope, of course, that it will continue to do so throughout my life. I believe that all my experiences are put together into what is today my internship, including work in service and theoretical university courses. Mainly it has certainly developed through my artistic studies. First at KV Art School and Gothenburg Art School, when everything was new and the approach to art very free. Later the textile design education at the School of Textiles in Borås, where it was a lot about developing concepts and we had courses in both crafts and more industrial focus. The education was good in many ways, but during my master's degree at Konstfack I wanted to work to return more to the freedom of creation. I turned to the paint cans in the print and experimented quite a lot, what I showed at the examination was a group of hand-painted large-scale textiles. And that's where I'm today to pick up the thread.

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Do you have any upcoming events or plans that you can share: The plan is that I will stop being on parental leave at the beginning of September, then I hope to be able to be as much as possible in my studio to continue on what I started during the master. Have you lived or studied elsewhere: I come from Robertsfors in Västerbotten, where I lived all my upbringing. I moved to Gothenburg when I was 20 and it is in this area that I mostly lived and studied. I have made three trips to Stockholm since then, most recently to do my master's.

Has your place influenced you, your art practice, your perspective and your network:

As I mentioned before, I think the educations have affected me a lot both in practice and perspective. I have lived in Gothenburg for a long time and know many who have studied here, but I can feel that my network has been affected by the fact that I myself have not done so and that I lack the natural connection that it may have been studying at the same school.

Untitled (Spree)

Describe how you developed / use your network: Through friendships and acquaintances that I gained through studies and studios. For the most part, I use it for exchanging ideas, inspiration and support. One of the best ways to develop is for me in conversations with others. What is your story about becoming a mother and has your attitude and methods changed since you became a parent:

I have waited a bit to answer this interview in part because this question felt so difficult to answer at four months into motherhood (when I joined). Everything is new, I am new and at the same time not. I do not know if I feel that there was a time when I became a mother, it feels more like I have always been his. I do not really know if my attitude or methods have changed yet, I have not had time to work that much. I felt pretty quickly that it does not work for me to bring a baby to the studio, I need to be completely in my own head there. Right now it feels quite positive that I became on maternity leave immediately after my studies, as if what I was doing then has had to settle down and fatten up a bit, it can be good with a little distance. What is your perception of the representation with artists / musicians who combine their motherhood in the artist / art world:

It feels like it's getting better, that it's more visible, but it's hard to say if it's because I'm in the situation now that I notice it more or not. I also think that I came across negative signals about the combination of motherhood and artistry, that it would be important to stay visible and not take too much break during maternity leave, for example. What advice would you give to new artists entering a motherhood: Far too many feel they are doing wrong. That one should be able to do more art, or that one should want to be completely free, etc. Try to put all the gibberish aside and listen to what suits you. Where is your studio, do you have a private space to reflect and develop and implement ideas?

In Björkekärr / Vidkärr. I share with three others but have enough private space to be able to work well. Do you have someone who inspires your art practice or reflects ideas with? Yes! I have studied with really nice artists and friends who I get really excited to talk to. What makes you most expectant in your future: That the drive still exists and that there is so much I want to have time to test and learn.

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