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Ulla-Britt Henriksson's cultural scholarship

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

MiR is proud to collaborate with Rasmus Persson and Ulla-Britt Henriksson's cultural scholarship by reading your letters and helping to select the scholarship recipient. It is easy to search, and created from a love and appreciation of his Mother, Ulla-Britt to carry on her name and her care and life. On International Women's Day we celebrate all women and want to highlight all women's struggle, desire , love, magic, sorrow, joy, creations, life destinies, defeats and victories through the ages. Through the individually lived life and for our future. Illuminate gynecology and diseases that do not have enough research on, policies that affect how and where we can give birth. How we should take responsibility for contraception and how these contraceptives affect us both mentally and physically, opinions about and for how long you should / can / should breastfeed , what our bodies should look like.

How we are expected to see ourselves, what body parts and details are to be hidden on social platforms. What rights do we have over our own bodies, whether we should become mothers or not. How we age and how relevant we are through all our ages. How obvious we are, how loved we are and how strong we can be through our different attributes. I can continue for as long as I like, but what I most of all want to get to is Rasmus' letter below. He treats International Women's Day and Mother's Day in a simple way, lovingly and appreciating his mother and her motherhood towards her children. So soft and gentle to get through life and creating an opportunity for another mother out there. What an amazing mother he came to life through.

'Dear, Then it was time again. Applications now open for this year's cultural scholarship. This is how I wrote on facebook this morning: I want to live for a thousand years I have plans for that time - There are limits to what to agree on So she wrote the month she died. And I was only sixteen then, but I can still feel her fingers in my hair. That's what Sandro said. Somewhere a constant proximity, somewhere an uninterrupted absence. I wonder if she had thought I was ridiculous writing this just today. Because she was someone who was hardly satisfied with March 8. All the days of the year were the woman's. Or no. It's not true. All her days were mine. And they continue to be. If not for me, what would have happened? I know you do not believe me now but the hand on the heart I promise. She would have exhibited in the Louvre if she wanted to, written books, become world famous, earned millions. But reading Bamse to me was always more important. She could turn the whole fucking world upside down, how incredible she was. But to cut my hair, hold me to his chest and whisper his fairy tales in my ear at night, it went before anything else. Before herself. Before that world. For four years, I have chosen to set aside part of my salary every month and then once a year donate SEK 10,000 to a cultural mother who, like my own, has sacrificed her world for the children. Ten thousand is not enough for the moon, but it may be enough to rent a studio for a couple of months. And unlike basically all other cultural support, Ullabritt-Henriksson's Cultural Scholarship is damn easy to apply for. A name and a few short lines of motivation are all that is required, and it is of course free to nominate someone else as well. So. I would have been eternally grateful if you apply. If you advise others to apply. And if you share the post. You are the one reading, this is my only platform. Here you apply: This year, the winner will be selected in collaboration with the association Mothers In Residence, which helps artist mothers to return to their activities. This year I would therefore also like to encourage all of you who may not want to apply for the scholarship but still support the project (yes, dads, I'm looking at you in particular) to become support members of this fantastic association - which does everything I want to do - albeit much better . Here you become a member:

This year's winners will be announced on Mother's Day. And if you want to share the facebook post in your feeds, I would of course be very happy. As I said, this is the only way I have to spread the information about the scholarship. Here is the record if so:

All right, dear friends. /Rasmus'

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