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We present the autumn residence!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Mothers in residence for the first residence of the autumn in August / September is the architect Tove Nankler. In the October / November period, the painting / textile artist Lina Loca Gråskär (formerly Gustafsson) and the textile artist Statira Jazayeri will be housed in MiR's residence studio at KKV GBG. Tove Nankler The August / September residency period has been given to Tove Nankler to carry out her project 'Grottan', which she will build through the use of the Carpentry Workshop at KKV. ‘This pavilion that I call the Cave will inspire people to become friends with their darkness. To dare to illuminate one's interior to create harmony. No matter what the outside looks like. The material is one hundred percent wood, including the technology that puts it together and the surface treatment that cares. This is to highlight that we are of nature and are going back to nature. The technology is a combination of modern and ancient. ‘My future plans are to be able to support myself completely on my art and my creation. I have just started up as a professional business. But I notice that there are some steps to go in the process. As exhibitions to write on your CV, exhibitions to apply for studio grants, etc. This is due to how the structure looks and has always looked. Right now, it would mean a lot to me to have the opportunity to create this pavilion, exhibit and at the same time be part of a network of artist mothers who support and give to each other. It feels as important as being yourself'.

Lina Gråskär

‘In my artistic work, I am currently exploring the subconscious and the infinite, that with your dreams you can experience everything without limitations. I want to create art that brings me to a beyond-this-world feeling. Art that depicts alternative realities and other dimensions interests me '. ‘In the book Dad and the Sea by Tove Jansson (1965) I recognize myself in the Moomin mother.

She chose to leave her safe life in the Moomin Valley for Dad's sake. The island is barren and it is not possible to grow there. The Moomin mother misses her garden and all her flowers. The Moomin mother begins to paint flowers on the walls of the house. She finally depicts her entire garden in the Moomin Valley. One day when everything is extra awful on the island, the painting becomes real and she manages to go into the garden.

Like Tove and the Moomin mother, I want to open a channel into another place. A place that is physically impossible to be in. A place where my ideas and thoughts are worn, bumped, loosened up and become new fragments that are re-bound in non-existent functions. I think that Tove Jansson describes some of the difficulties with balancing motherhood and following her own dreams, as a mother it is often that you need to put everyone else first. I can feel that if I prioritise art, I'm a bad mother. A feeling I think the artist's fathers rarely feel. At the same time as I wrestle with a bad conscience, I want to show my children that it is possible to invest in their dreams and dare to believe in themselves. I am a member of KKV and have access to the enamel workshop and the textile print. I will mainly work with textiles, I want to investigate the possibility of working in the metal workshop as I often make constructions in metal for the textile works'.

Statira Jazayeri

‘I would like to continue exploring metal in combination with my draped fabrics and could also be floor-based depending on what I find for metal materials. I want to continue exploring folds but now in different sizes and different materials. I'm a little unsure of which direction to take and hope I can use the residency time to let go of some inhibitions and create in a pleasurable and non-performance-based way. Motherhood affects in such a way that my focus is shared, it is rare that I work after bed / evening nowadays when the time is spent on other practical work at home or recovery.

I sometimes feel stressed that I can not let things take time as I do not have as much time and energy to put into my work as before, but hope to get a balance around this. Right now I'm looking for a studio place and have nowhere to work. However, my plan is to start sketching outdoors again by hanging fabric out in nature or urban environments to play my way to new compositions'.

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