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We present the pre-summer 2021 residence artists!

MiR's first residence starts today! We will offer more information from the two Mothers in Residence residences during these two months, but we want to present these artists through their own introduction from the application that we found both inspiring and obvious to make this residency.

You can also follow Sofi Svensson and Pernilla Eskilsson on their instagram.

Pernilla Eskilsson, approved in

The textile patination workshop.

'I usually describe my artistic practice like this: I want to be a monk. But it's not possible because I'm not a man. And I have family. But I'm an artist, so I sewed a suit for myself and went out into the city as a hermit on the streets.

My works border between art, mystery and politics. I work with themes such as silence, being, rest, death and sacrifice and my non-action in the middle of the city's stress creates a gap in time. I work with performance. I have a studio at home, it is a room of 16 sqm where I make props for my works and make some sculptural works. I am currently in great need of a larger project studio and am therefore looking for a residency at KKV (through MiR).

I want to continue working on building images of my body together with sculptures / costumes, sometimes surreal, sometimes quiet. Being in an environment like KKV and a context like MiR would give me a lot of new ideas. A project studio would mean that I got the opportunity to work in large format, something I longed for '.

Sofi Svensson, approved in the Ceramics Workshop.

'I want to continue where I left off before my parental leave, with the theme' leaving a home, moving on '. That theme feels extra interesting now that I became a parent and something completely new began and that I find myself in every day. It's not just thoughts of moving on that keep me going, just walking and moving forward in the new is interesting. There will be a relationship between before and after.

It would be very valuable for me to have a place to be able to start working with the focus to scale up my sculptures. After working on my latest exhibition, I felt how exciting and fun it is to bring up the volume of what I build, the physical relationship becomes different. My goal is to be able to complete three sculptures during these eight weeks. So far I have not worked at the same time as I had children (baby was born Sept 2020) but will start working part time in the spring when my partner will be on parental leave. My goal is to work full time with ceramics, in a combination of my own artistry and to hold ceramics courses. I want to work with public design assignments and for that I need to develop my technology and understand the process of building larger sculptures better '.

During the month of May, we will go out with the applications for the autumn residence when we offer: Autumn residence August 1 / September and Autumn residence October 2 / November. Tip! - We recommend that you who want to apply for the autumn residence, are already or will be residence members with us as soon as possible. And apply to be approved in the workshop you want to work in at KKV GBG as soon as possible. It makes it easier to get approved for the MiR residency!

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