Announcement of residence 2022


March / April 


place KKV GBG


Deadline for applications - 31st of january



  Residence issues March / April 2022

  • Describe your artistic practice and where you work now.

  • The idea is that the studio will be shared by two artists. Describe your need for a work environment.

  • Describe the purpose of your residence / project you want to carry out during the two months.

  • Has motherhood affected your art practice and your childcare during the residency period.

  • What are your future plans regarding your creative work and how can this residency affect it.

  • Which workshop / workshops are you interested in working in at KKV?

And NOTE! As a MiR member, you can apply as soon as possible through your organisational membership via Mothers in Residence to be approved in a workshop, this increases the chance of getting a residency


How to apply:

1. Become a member if you are not already


2. Pay the application fee of 250 SEK

(A total of 500SEK with the members fee)


3. Email us the completed appendices along with your images (jpg)

Download the pdf below and sign on Acceptance of terms at your own risk at KKV:

Email both completed and signed documents as well as

five pictures of work samples (jpg)

- preferably in relation to the project you want to work on

to us at info@mothersinresidence.se with the heading Residency 2022

Mothers in Residence

Criteria prior to the call

  • Location - Gothenburg City. Near home, in the city or region.

  • Residence member at MiR

  • Artist & Mother

  • Needs - Update work, complete alt. start a project. Learn new techniques and update material knowledge

  • Artistic medium - Suitable for the premises and workshops see: KKV

  • All expenses such as travel / food / materials are paid for by the artist himself

  • Artist quality - Determined by jury / KKV

  • That artists who receive residency submit a report / dialogue / work that is published on MiR's website.

  • We are happy to see that you have childcare / nursery etc because the workshops at KKV are not suitable for children.

  • Children are welcome in the studio but always at your own risk.

  • Jury: KKV & MiR board


You get access to the studio around the clock.

Large project studio (half)

About 32m²

Windows to the west and about 4m to the ceiling. Located on the fourth floor with entrance from the graphics department. Access to water and sink. 

You also get access to workshops according to an agreement with KKV with a cost of SEK 200 / day from the organisational membership you get with the local residence membership through MiR

NOTE! Access to the workshops requires that you be approved by those responsible for that workshop, and the knowledge requirements vary between the workshops; If you want to know more, contact the respective workshop manager 


The artist's can:

  • invite to studio talks, screenings, workshops (everything that KKV agrees to with the resident individual's personal responsibility for the premises).

  • Find an entrance to continued creation in a professional context and with a community.

  • Get access to new materials and technical knowledge

  • get access to MiR's instagram

NOTE! if it becomes necessary to cancel the residence, tell us as soon as possible. Mismanaged residences may be liable to be reimbursed for renting of the studio.

Completed residences are summed up in the form of:


About organisational membership KKV GBG via Mothers in Residence - MiR

The person / persons making the residence take personal responsibility for:

• The studio must be restored to its original condition at the end of the rental period. THE KEYS MUST BE HANDED IN TO THE OFFICE WEEKDAY 3PM!
• Overnight stays are not allowed, however, access applies around the clock.
• Highly fragrant substances or allergens should be avoided (white spirit, turpentine, etc.)
• The sound level must be kept at a level that does not disturb others.
• If guests are invited into the studio, this must first be coordinated with the office, as well as exhibitions, etc.


Work in workshops:
Members of MiR, resident artists and other artists invited to MiR can use KKV GBG's workshops on the same terms as regular members of the association:

  • Each individual must be approved by the respective workshop manager and have received a review of the workshop in question. Under no circumstances may a person work in a workshop without first having been approved and introduced.

  • Workshop fee through organisatons membership is SEK 200 / day). 

  • All hours worked in the workshop as well as any consumables must be written up and periodically charged to the user / resident individual directly after that.

  • In the event of breakage or other problems, this must be reported directly to the workshop manager or the office.

  • Access form is available on the website kkvgbg.se and is filled in for each person.

  • MiR and its members are expected to obey the same rules of procedure that apply to regular members.

  • Should MiR or its members violate the rules of procedure, this agreement and membership can be terminated. Reasons for this must in that case be communicated to MiR, and KKV undertakes to point out any problems or shortcomings in good time. The same applies to residences which can also be revoked if order and rules are not respected.

  • Before a person starts working in the workshop, they must have a review of fire routines & safety with one of them employed at KKV GBG (Johan or Mateusz)

  • MiR has 2 pairs of keys to the workshop and studio at the residence. One to each residence who is responsible for these personal during the residence period. NOTE! These should not be marked in any way so that they can be linked to KKV GBG if they are lost.

  • All work at KKV GBG is at your own risk and risk. The person in the workshop is expected to complete all steps himself, and is expected to find out all the necessary information required to safely handle the equipment.

  • MiR and its members are not covered by any insurance with KKV GBG, but each individual must be responsible for their personal functioning insurance.

  • Individuals from MiR have no opportunity to rent storage at KKV