Residence May - June 2021

     We are excited and happy to present this summer's resident artists

Sofi Svensson and Pernilla Eskilsson


Sofi Svensson ceramics artist / approved in the Ceramics Workshop, KKV

"I want to continue where I left off before my parental leave, with the theme 'to leave a home, to move on'. That theme feels extra interesting now that I became a parent and something completely new began and that I find myself in every day. It is not just thoughts of moving on that keep me going, just walking and moving forward in the new is interesting. It becomes a relationship between before and after "

Pernilla Eskilsson performance artist / approved in the textile workshop, KKV  

"I usually describe my artistic practice like this: I want to be a monk. But it is not possible because I am not a man. And I have a family. But I am an artist so I sewed a costume for myself and went out into the city as a hermit on the streets. "My works border between art, mystery and politics. I work with themes such as silence, being, rest, death and sacrifice and my non-action in the midst of the city's stress creates a gap in time".